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Hear from the hearts of our community: Discover how The League of Young Inventors is sparking curiosity and innovation in classrooms across the nation.

THANK YOU! Too many times we receive programs that don't help us walk students through the process or to teach the concepts behind projects. Your Professional Development workshop showed every step in a child-friendly way, and the discussions you led were meaningful and enlightening.


As a busy science teacher with the task of teaching STEM to 5 different grades, I could implement this program in all grades seamlessly. The lessons were easy to follow and very informative, complete with videos of implicit directions before asking the children to do a task–it was a lifesaver!

The projects were incredibly engaging for the students and lessons lent themselves to deep thinking and problem solving. Many high-order thinking questions are found in high-quality curriculum!


STEM Cluster Teacher

The League creates an engaging, visual learning sequence that shows rather than tells. It contains everything needed for active, multi-dimensional learning from start to finish (rather than a long-winded



Assistant Principal

My son wants to be an inventor now! He has built a submarine and hydraulic crane and can’t stop smiling. We need more of this in schools!


Our work with the League of Young Inventors has been so impactful in developing design thinking for our students and teachers. Through innovation-focused projects in every classroom, all students have grown in their critical thinking ability. Students developed an understanding of the purpose of engineering design as they designed and tested prototypes on the pathway to creating their projects. The League of Young Inventors team has partnered with us to create clear, thoughtful guidance that sets our teachers up for success in teaching this engaging content.


Chief Academic Officer, Charter Network

The League of Young Inventors has created outstanding, versatile units that allow students to live and breathe the engineering design process… Strong visual scaffolding makes it easy for teachers to execute lessons effectively…


Manager of Science, Charter Network

My favorite things about the lessons were the excitement the kids had around the project, and the communication required to accomplish it!


An amazing experience! The set-up of the task was very thoughtful and really allowed students to procedurally and conceptually understand how the Lenape tribe were able to construct their wigwam homes.


The League is a nimble, responsive partner organization that creates outstanding curricular materials that truly drive students’ design thinking, engineering competencies, and creative capacities.

In 15 years as a teacher and leader, I have rarely seen a partner so willing to work WITH educators every step of the way.


Charter Network

Young Inventors takes the guesswork out of knowing HOW to teach a hands-on STEM unit. The intimidation a teacher may feel of not being an 'expert' is eliminated – it has brought ease and organization for me, and engineering design amazingness to life for my students!


Elementary School STEM Coordinator

This was a phenomenal hands-on STEAM experience for both my students and me – without a doubt the best 2nd grade science unit I’ve taught.

2nd Grade Teacher

You get to have fun and be creative–while still making something that works.


3rd Grade

The lessons… not only showed the students every step of the project in a child-friendly and exciting way, the… discussions we had before and during each session were meaningful and enlightening… I am very impressed with the League of Young Inventors.

2nd Grade Teacher

The kids loved it – following along and building their spinning tops. They were so proud of themselves and tried different methods to problem solve any hurdles.

2nd Grade Teacher

Charter Network