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Transform your Elementary school into an immersive hub of invention

Everything you need to make teaching STEM easier for teachers and fun for students


Students who've engaged in real-world problem-solving as engineers and inventors


Educators who've saved hours of lesson planning without sacrificing quality


Standards-aligned units that teach the fundamentals of the Engineering Design Process

And we're just getting started!

Shape Bright Futures in STEM

Wouldn’t you love to have a STEM curriculum that prepares every student with the skills to become a Young Inventor? And if it could be done in a way that brought joy and energy into your classrooms... wouldn’t you?

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Young Inventors takes the guesswork out of knowing HOW to teach a hands-on STEM unit. The intimidation a teacher may feel of not being an 'expert' is eliminated – it has brought ease and organization for me, and engineering design amazingness to life for my students!


STEM Cluster Teacher

Let's Get Scientific and Give Teachers What They Need

Our professional learning program supports elementary teachers with a learner-first approach, incorporating visuals, multimedia resources, and a curriculum that showcases effective STEM instructional strategies. This gives them the confidence and skills needed to implement lessons with fidelity.

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Jumpstart Invention in Three Easy Steps:

Every teacher deserves the tools and resources to inspire the next generation of innovators without adding to their already packed schedules. That's why we've developed a curriculum that turns complex NGSS standards into hands-on, engaging experiences for students, while making lesson planning a breeze for educators.

Step 1

Choose your STEM teaching units

You and your teachers get to choose hands-on STEM units that include everything needed to teach the engineering design process – including all required materials, slides, handouts, and more. Each unit is aligned to grade-level standards in science or social studies, so teachers can seamlessly integrate into their existing plans.

Step 2

Put teachers in the learning seat

Who said professional development has to be boring? Our immersive training offers teachers the chance to experience the joy of being a student again while our team walks them through the full learning sequence of a unit. Teachers deepen their skills and confidence while gaining valuable insight into what the process is like for students.

Step 3

Watch as your classrooms transform

Students love our hands-on units so much that several partner schools have reported significant boosts in attendance because kids are excited about learning and building.

The League of Young Inventors has created outstanding, versatile units that allow students to live and breathe the engineering design process... Strong visual scaffolding makes it easy for teachers to execute lessons effectively.


Science Manager, Charter Network

Imagine introducing the engineering design process to your elementary school in a way that...

Gets students excited to learn STEM skills while becoming toy designers and civil engineers.

Leaves teachers breathing a sigh of relief as they are handed everything they need to incorporate NGSS Engineering Practices into their curriculum.

Results in parents utterly delighted that their young students have an enthusiastic answer to the question, “Did you learn anything at school today?”

Turning classrooms into hubs of invention, empowering teachers and nurturing students' creative problem-solving skills.

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