Heather Gunsallus

With a robust foundation in STEM education and a sharp acumen for strategic leadership, Heather Gunsallus joins The League of Young Innovators as a Board Advisor. Currently serving as an EdTech Consultant, Heather assists organizations in refining their go-to-market strategies, enhancing sales processes, and ensuring product readiness. Her deep involvement in the industry is marked by pivotal roles such as Vice President of STEM Education at the Museum of Science, Boston, and National Sales Director at McGraw-Hill Education and Vice President of School Programs with Redbird Advanced Learning.

Heather's career began in the classroom as a K-12 educator, equipping her with firsthand insights into the educational needs and environments of today’s youth. Her experience spans developing transformative educational programs that not only foster a culture of learning but are also underscored by her commitment to equity and inclusion. This includes leading initiatives that bridge relationships with school leaders, crafting strategic partnerships, and managing product development for STEM-focused educational tools.

A visionary thinker recognized for her entrepreneurial mindset and impactful execution, Heather has successfully led teams and partnerships to launch innovative, data-driven educational solutions. Her efforts have consistently emphasized community collaboration, involving foundations, corporations, schools, and state leaders to inspire and empower young learners.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Mathematics from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and has enhanced her leadership skills with a certificate from the TLC Leaders program, combining Harvard Business School curriculum with personal coaching. As she steps into an advisory role with The League of Young Innovators, Heather is poised to drive forward initiatives that will shape the future of education and nurture the next generation of innovators.